PUZZLEHACKER, Think different, be different.
      A way to awaken your sleeping brains, learn the easy way...

              Think in the line of a genius, learn the art of guessing the outcome. 

                                   Thoughts never travel in a straight line 


             Launching a Puzzlehacker II hacker puzzle soon

                     To play the most recent Puzzle on net    




1st  Main puzzle -puzzlehacker

2nd Harder puzzle>newpuzzle 

3rd different Puzzle > Branching tree     

           Branching tree Puzzle

New: View Tips for solve.

          Some clarifications: see it here


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Watchout for the launch of Puzzlehacker II

Features of Puzzlehacker

1.Easy to guess yet difficult to solve.

2.Encourages out of the box thinking.

3.Improves problem solving capabilities.

4.Chance of getting featured on PH.


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               Launched on oct 2006.        contact me: martin.jobin@gmail.com