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Friends, I have compiled a List of my favorite Hacks...Try Using them

These so called Hacks maybe real HACKS or useful info or useful tips.

These topics have been selected by me randomly and have been used in my puzzlehacker blog...

I am publishing those tips here so that I will be able to reach a bigger audience.

Some of these tips are aimed at improving your internet experience, while some others may help to improve you PC.

My favorite topics include:

Hacking and Hacks: How to recover lost passwords, how to gain administrator privilages, hacking a javascript website.....Most of these topics have been my areas of interest

Google search tips: Since Most of the puzzlehackers are so poor in using google search to their benefit, I have tried to include as much tips I have collected.

Gmail tips: Most of you may find these interesting.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Easy to use shortcuts which increase your efficiency.

Orkut tips: To access orkut in office, using proxies.

Outlook express tricks: How to configure Outlook express

Useful Info: Useful information which cannot be tied with any of the above.



NB: New links will be added when I get a chance to grab good hacks....Stay tuned